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Restaurants / cafes / bars

We provide a complete virtual finance department for your business - so you can get on with running your venue whilst we take care of your numbers.


And we're experts in hospitality, so you can let us deal with your payroll, TRONC, supplier payments, VAT returns, weekly reports and year end accounts, safe in the knowledge that we have it covered.


Stop wasting time with paperwork and get on with making your business amazing.


why you should let us do the books

save money

  • Overhead review once you're up and running

  • Fixed fees 

  • Ensure you're not overpaying VAT / Tax

get visibility

  • ​​​ Live on-line system

  • 24/7 access

  • Reports designed around you

  • Budgets & forecast


save time

  • Reduce finance admin time drastically

  • 100% phone app enabled

  • Spend more time improving the customer experience

sleep well

  • All tax filing covered  

  • National minimum wages checks

  • Email and phone support

  • Bank reporting available


what can we do for you

We really do sort out all of your finance needs.  If you don't see something below that you are looking for, just click on the message icon at the bottom of the page and ask us if we do it - we probably do!


we get you paperless, keep all your day to day records in order and also check your bank to make sure the right credit card income is clearing, cash is being banked and delivery partners are paying you


make sure you are applying the right rate of VAT on your takeaway and retail items and submit your VAT returns for you


prepare payments for suppliers, send remittances and answer supplier account queries


from weekly flash reports to monthly management account reports (which are tailored to your business) and all the way up to forecasts for your bank; let's get the numbers to start working for you  


weekly or monthly payroll as well as advice and support on auto-enrolment pensions and Tronc schemes


If you run venue hire and you invoice clients for this, let our experienced team deal with the debtors and bring in your invoices quicker than before


we have a load of experience when it comes to changing business systems.  if you want to change your accounts package, business apps, till system, stock system etc, talk to us and we'll help you get it done in a way that works for your business


we advise on a wide range of business issues and then work with you to help you implement solutions.  from planning an exit, to looking for growth or trying to raise funds; we can help you find the way forward

year end

annual accounts and corporation tax returns


virtual CFO services are for those businesses who want the benefits of an FD/CFO without the salary attached.  encompassing the above services and a lot more, we work closely with you to help you thrive.  You can find out more here


writing your hospitality business plan

grab your free guides here

we've written some guides to help you write your business plan and work out how much money you need to open your restaurant.  Take a look at our guides below - more being added each week!

1. Introduction

2. What the eff is a cash flow? 

3. Finding the money to open 

4. Finding a site   

5. Fitting out your site

6. Overheads

7. Food costs

8. Forecasting sales




Tim has a wealth of hospitality experience having held the role of Finance Director at Tasty Plc (Wildwood and Dim t restaurants) a national restaurant chain with 65 sites.


Previously to Tasty, Tim worked for Gordon Ramsay Restaurants and now he looks after the books for a number of hospitality businesses. 


Click here for Tim's full profile




Charlotte has been helping small businesses for years. 


Having qualified in one of the big four, Charlotte pursued life in the public sector before changing tack and working with companies in retail and hospitality.


Click here for Charlotte's full profile

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